Fourquet Fourchette

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Project Description


Located on the banks of the Richelieu River basin, in an old building built in 1920 and adjacent to Fort Chambly, Fourquet Fourchette is built in the New France style. Its windows offer a unique and spectacular view of the basin and Fort Chambly.
We take pleasure in creating tasty food and coupling it with the unique character of specialty beers brewed by Unibroue. Inspired by traditional Quebec and Indian cuisine.


  • Price range
    Between $15-$30

  • Schedule
    Mid-September to mid-May
    Thursday to Saturday: 11:30am to closing
    Sunday: 10:30am to closing

    Mid-May mid-September
    Monday to Saturday inclusively: 11:30am to closing
    Sunday: 10:30am to closing
    We will welcome groups of 20 people and more upon request

  • Services
    Free external parking, air conditioning, restaurant with music, licensed restaurant
    Service of meal: For breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Capacity
    310 places inside, 150 places on the terrace


1887, avenue Bourgogne
Chambly, J3L 1Y8
450 447-6370 /1 888 447-6370




Close to Highway 10

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